ART@NET INTERNATIONAL INTERNET GALLERY exhibits any type and stile of visual art (photography, applied art, paintings, craft, sculpture, computer graphics, etc.), except films and videos. Most frequently exhibits photos, oil, drawings and computer graphics.

For Artists we offer:
Making Contact & Terms:
Send your purchases to:
Submit your art to:
  Yavor Shopov,
Art@Net International Gallery,,
phone ++35998448132
fax ++3592512838

Send your purchases to: or to: 
T. Yalamov
JK H. Dimitar   b.69.D, 
Sofia 1510, Bulgaria
phone :+(359)2455187, 
FOR ARTISTS we offer:
  1. Photo and art vacations with excellent figure models at extremely low prices.
  2. Worldwide exhibition and sales of their art for lowest commission in the branch (10%).
  3. Preparation of high quality professional photos and computer scans of their art at low prices.
  4. Aggressive internet marketing of their work.
  5. Getting of the highest possible price for some of their works by selling it at an auction.
  6. Precise up-to-date appraisal of their work.
  7. Professional advises how to improve sellability or overall quality of their art.
  8. University level courses and seminars on art and photography by top professionals.
  9. Comments and tips regarding the current direction and needs of the market.
  10. Professional design of personal web sites of artists linked to the main gallery  at very low prices.
We are desperately looking for prospective and extremely talented unknown young artists  to promote and market their work. For us only quality of work is important, so show us your best work to join our rapidly growing gallery now! After a month it may be too late. We expect to close submissions of new artists soon.
Exhibits: Exhibit both famous artists like Pablo Picasso and new less known artists. Internet galleries like ours have a number of unbelievable advantages over physical galleries and work far more efficient, so they are expanding extremely rapidly and taking over many markets hold by conventional galleries for many years. Our gallery exists only in internet giving us a number of advantages both for our clients and artists: Our expenses are reduced to the absolute minimum, so we charge our artists lowest commission in the branch (only 10%) and offer to our clients lowest prices for the same quality of work. Unlike physical galleries we have over 100 millions potential internet clients world-wide and are able to sale in over 150 countries. We mount cohesive shows of our artists, which are unlimited in size and may be permanent. Each artist have individual "exhibition space" divided to  separate thematic exhibitions along with bio and statement. We are just hosted in the internet space, otherwise our organisation is the same as of a traditional gallery. Futures all creative photography including: travel, landscapes/scenics, fashion/glamour, erotic, figure landscapes, beauty, abstracts, avant garde, fine art, silhouettes, architecture, buildings, cities/urban, science, astronomy, education, seasonal, wildlife, sports, adventure, caves, crystals, minerals and luminescence.
Making Contact & Terms: Artwork is accepted on consignment and there is  a rental fee for space of  1$/image per month or 5$/image per year. If  we will market the work there is a 10% commission. Retail price of the art is set by the artist or by the gallery. Every exhibited image will contain your name and copyright as watermark and cannot be printed or legally used, sold or distributed anywhere without purchase. E-mail us attached scans 900x1200 px (300dpi for prints or 900 dpi for 36mm slides) as .jpg files for IBM computers. We accept only computer scans, no slides please. Replies in 6 weeks.
Tips: E-mail  us or send a disk or CD with a tightly edited selection of less than 20 scans of your best works. All work must be very appealing, attractive and interesting,  and must force any person to look over it again and again. Main usage of all works exhibited in our gallery is for limited edition (photos) or original (paintings) wall decoration of offices and homes. So photos must have quality of paintings. We like to see strong artistic sense of mood, composition, light and colour and strong graphic impact or expression of emotions. We exhibit only artistically perfect work, which value will last for tens of years. We would like to see any quality work facing these requirements on any media, subject or style. No detractive subjects. Before to send us your work ask yourself "who and why will buy this work in order to decorate his wall? Is it appropriate and good enough for this purpose?". For us only quality of work is important, so newer, less known artists are welcome. During the exhibition all photos and prints must be available in signed limited edition museum quality 20x30, 30x40 and 40x50 cm matted prints.